Oral Anticoagulant Education Project

Advisory Group Meeting


September 21, 2005

10 2:30 EST


10 10:05 Welcome and Introductions


10:05 10:15 Objective of the day:

To develop a strategic framework for the SOS Rx safe oral anticoagulant medication use campaign(s). This framework should specify and prioritize key targets, opportunities, potential media, and scope.


Review of May meeting of this group

Topics discussed included:

Identifying goals better communications and health outcomes

Identifying targets consumers who take oral anticoagulants, their caregivers, physicians, pharmacists

Identifying potential messages for consumers know your number

10:15 11:30 Review of Research to date

Summary of focus group findings: NCL

Summary of survey findings: Harris


11:30 12:00 Discussion of research results in the context of campaign planning

-         Who is our primary target audience? (patient, provider, caregiver?)

-         What specific actions should our audience take?

- When is target audience open to receiving and acting on messages?

-         What rewards will audience receive if they act on messages?


12:00 12:15 Lunch Break


12:15 - 2:00 Development of education campaign framework

- Prioritize targets

- Prioritize openings

- Prioritize media

Draft messages (theme, not exact wording)






2 2:30 Discussion of Next Steps

- NCL staff to continue with message development, will share with subcommittee and then circulate to broader coalition in advance of the November 9th full coalition meeting

-         Discuss coalition assistance in and tools for disseminating messages


2:30 Adjourn