Promoting E-prescribing Project

Work Plan

April  2006


Objective:  To accelerate the use of E-prescribing by: 1) adopting guiding principles that define and encourage a patient role, 2) promoting various ongoing initiatives supportive of those principles, 3) disseminating information to patients about the potential benefits of E-prescribing.


Summary:  This project will encourage the use of E-prescribing by adopting guiding principles that define and encourage a patient role, and promoting various initiatives supportive of those principles. The project will involve a two-tiered effort to accelerate the adoption of E-prescribing.   An initial phase of research and discussion will yield a draft set of guiding principles that can be used to establish a baseline standard for E-prescribing.  This standard may exist as a novel set of principles defined by the working group, it may be adopted entirely from existing efforts, or it may represent a combination of both existing and novel ideas.  The second phase will involve a public education campaign to education consumers about the benefits of E-prescribing.


SOS Rx convened a joint meeting in September 2004 with eHealth Initiative and SOS Rx representatives on exploring how to engage patients in promoting E-prescribing (see participant list below).  The objective of the meeting was to identify, from a clinical and systems perspectives, how to make the case to consumers that they should care about E-prescribing.  The group was tasked with identifying strategies for engaging consumers in this issue.  A public education campaign will be developed based in part on these strategies identified by SOS Rx and its partners.  The campaign will educate consumers on the benefits of E-prescribing as well as their roles as health care consumers in advancing its use. 


Point Person:  Will Lang, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy



  1. Conduct a preliminary review of electronic health initiatives that involve an E-prescribing component. 
    1. Research initiatives via web and through direct consultation with knowledgeable parties (e.g., AACP)
    2. Determine how various E-prescribing efforts are being implemented (i.e., learn how the systems work, who is affected, and how)
    3. Based on this information, develop a draft set of guiding principles.


  1. Convene a work group of coalition members and other interested parties (see list below).
    1. Present and discuss general parameters of E-prescribing initiatives based on preliminary research.
    2. Vet guiding principles, and consider revisions as necessary.
    3. Review discussed principles in the context of the e-prescribing report issued by the eHEALTH Initiative in May.


  1. Develop partnership with external organization such as eHEALTH Initiative.
    1. Adopt (either as is or with modifications) the definition and principles of e-prescribing set forth in the eHEALTH report. 
    2. Infuse current definition with patient-focus.  
    3. Convene meeting with SOS Rx work group representatives and representation from eHEALTH to consider all patient “touch points” in the prescribing process and to establish patient role in promoting e-prescribing.


  1. Present results of joint eHealth – SOS Rx meeting to full coalition and work group.  Obtain buy-in from the coalition to support and promote the recommendations of the joint meeting.


  1. Explore possibility of holding a conference on the E-prescribing initiative and use the event as a launching point for the broader campaign to educate patients.


  1. Develop and implement patient education campaign.


  1. Continue to represent the patient perspective on E-prescribing as requested in appropriate forums – National Committee of Vital and Health Statistics (NCVHS) hearings. 



Jan – March 2004: Identify attendees for the sub-group meeting; establish time and date for meeting; conduct preliminary review of E-prescribing initiatives and prepare an initial list; develop draft of guiding principles for E-prescribing.


April – May 2004: Convene working group meeting and discuss guiding principles; revise principles document as necessary; conduct further research on E-prescribing initiatives; develop initial side-by-side comparison of all initiatives.


June – September 2004:  Convene joint meeting with EHI to examine patient role in E-prescribing and explore ways to engage patients in promoting E-prescribing.  Draft meeting summary.  Participate in NCVHS hearings   


October – December 2004: Begin development of stakeholder education campaign.  Participate in NCVHS hearings.


January – March 2005: Continue development of stakeholder education campaign, seek  funding, collaborate with EHI on support for campaign


March  – December 2005:  Continue to represent the patient perspective on E-prescribing as requested in appropriate forums, continue to seek funding for campaign


Jan – March 2006: Continue to represent the patient perspective on E-prescribing as requested in appropriate forums, continue to seek funding for campaign, collaborate with EHI on support for campaign



Budget:  SOS Rx has initial funding from Express Scripts to host expert meeting(s), and perform initial stakeholder education and outreach.  Additional funds will be sought to advance the selected strategy for promoting E-prescribing.



SOS Rx E-Prescribing Work Group


Tom Clark/Carla Saxton, American Society of Consultant Pharmacists  

Jill Pierce, American Medical Womens’ Association

Fran Cunningham, Veterans Administration  

Chunlui Zahn, AHRQ

Daniel Cobaugh, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Paula Griswold, Massachusetts Coalition for Prevention of Medical Errors

Donald DeGroff , Department of Defense

Andrew Barbash

Ed Weisbart, ESI 

Eleni Anagnostiadis, National Association of Boards of Pharmacy 

Laurie Feinberg, CMS

Tammy Lewis, SureScripts

Ann Smith, Medco

David Loh, National Patient Safety Foundation

Laura Blum/Patricia Kurtz, JCAHO

Phil Rothermich, ESI

Fred Ridge, American Association of Family Physicians

Barbara Lewis, AstraZeneca

Gwen Lohse, Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare

Lee Gladstein, New Jersey Division of Consumers Affairs

Jeff Kramer, Verizon

Ellen Sharaga, Group Health Insurance

John Miller, MidAtlanic Business Group on Health

Will Lang, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 



SOS Rx – eHealth Initiative Joint Meeting

September 15, 2004

How to Engage Patients in Promoting Electronic Prescribing

Participant List


Eleni Anagnostiadis

National Association of

Boards of Pharmacy


Andy Barbash



Jennifer Covich Bordenick

eHealth Initiative


Paula Griswold (by phone)

Massachusetts Coalition for the Prevention of Medical Errors


Will Lang

American Association of

Colleges of Pharmacy


Janet Marchibroda

eHealth Initiative


Ross Martin (by phone)



Lygeia Ricciardi

The Markle Foundation


Phil Rothermich

Express Scripts


Jonathan Teich



Ken Whittemore



Chelle Woolley



Scott Young

Agency for Healthcare Research

and Quality