Continuing Medical Education

SOS Rx Oral Anticoagulation Project

April 12, 2007


I. Rationale

The key findings of our survey of physicians highlighted the areas where physicians and pharmacists could do better in managing patients taking oral anticoagulants. We believe that the materials developed for the SOS Rx oral anticoagulation project provide a strong basis for education to health care providers (including physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and physician assistants) about the safe and effective use of oral anticoagulants. By building on the information we have developed, we believe we can provide much needed education and help support providers who are using these necessary, but challenging, medications to manage their patients.

II. Content

Possible areas for education:

  • Communicating to patient blood test results, and reminders to test

  • How best to provide patient education on diet, drug interactions, and side effects

  • Communication with patients – importance of asking patients about problems they are having with their medication (and need to be accessible to patients)

  • “Translating” blood test goals for patients – explaining results and desired “number”

  • Providing information to patients – oral counseling, and other resources, including pharmacists, nurses, or other health care providers.

  • Other?

Format – online Web course, other?

  • Different programs tailored to the various health care providers

III. Collaboration

We would like to collaborate with health care provider professional groups (pharmacists, nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, and physician assistants) to develop educational content for the CME courses.

IV. Grants

Bristol Myers Squib – online grant submission process for independent medical education.

No submission deadline for grant requests under $50,000. They have a program focusing on atherothrombosis. They encourage Internet-based education.

Novartis – online grant submission process for professional medical education at Several therapeutic areas of interest – including cardiovascular. Not clear if SOS Rx could apply for a medical education grant. Grant requests must be submitted 60 days before an event.

Other opportunities?

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