Personal Medication Record

June 3, 2004

Participant List



Andrew Barbash



Laura Blum

Joint Commission on Accreditation of

Healthcare Organizations   


Marc Boutin

National Health Council


Rebecca Burkholder

National Consumers League 


Nananda Col

Brigham and Women’s Hospital


Diane Cousins

United States Pharmacopeia 


Jay Crowley

Food and Drug Administration   


Francesca Cunningham

Department of Veterans Affairs 


Laurie Feinberg

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services


Carol Forster

Kaiser Permanente  


Lee Gladstein

New Jersey Div. of Consumer Affairs


Linda Golodner

National Consumers League


Gail Hunt

National Alliance for Caregiving


Judith Kramer

Centers for Education and Research on Therapeutics


David Loh

National Patient Safety Foundation


Suzanne Mintz

National Family Caregivers Association 


Donald Mon

American Health Information Management Association  


Alison Rein

National Consumers League


Lygeia Ricciardi

Markle Foundation


Lee Rucker

National Council on Patient Information and Education


Jeffrey Schnipper

Brigham and Women’s Hospital  


Josh Seidman

Center for Information Therapy


 Ed Staffa

 National Association of Chain Drugstores Foundation 


Scott Young

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


Linda VonMinden

Rite Aid